Windows 7 Updates and Internet

Something I’ve noticed on my 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium lap top. Any time there is a windows update ready to install upon shut down it will not let me connect to the internet until I install the update. This is REALLY annoying. I’ve started poking around to see if there is a solution to this, has anyone else had this issue? Seems like some bullshit security "fix" because stupid people cant keep their windows machines virus free.
Just so I get this right.
You download the updates and it starts the first part of the install process. Then you get disconnected from the network until you restart and let the update finish installing?
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Are these temps too hot for an OC’ed Sandy Bridge?

So after seeing this thread and posting in it I decided to use the overclock button on my motherboard. Before going to bed last night I decided to run Prime95 just to see what would happen and I think the temps Ive been getting are kinda high. My cores have gone from anywhere b/w 70-85 (83 is the highest Ive seen I think), core 0 and 3 being usually lower than 1 and 2. Using google I am seeing people saying different stuff, some saying below 80 and others saying below 75, however some of the stuff I am seeing is for people who have it overclocked more than I do and I have to assume they aren’t using just air like I am.
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Free program to format a harddrive.

I have a couple of harddrives from an old computer build that are setup as boot drives. I want to format them before I attempt to install a fresh OS on them. Is there a program that does this for me?
ummm…. windows?

I am not following. Why do you need a program for this?
You could just use the format that comes with windoze. I know I had a cd from Maxtor with a software called MaxBlast. It worked pretty well.
Just plug them into another computer that’s already running Windows and format them that way. You’ll have to plug them into another computer anyway, if you want to format them before the target machine is bootable.
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Printer/fax Help!

I just bought an HP printer today. I needed it in order to send a fax for my new company I just started. I am in college and still live at home so my parents also have a printer with fax. There is only one phone line in the house. My parents like to complain about me always using their printer and I need one for school anyways. So my question is how do I get a fax to only my printer and not every printer on the same phone line? I dont want every printer to recieve a fax when I get one. Please help!
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Resetting ReadyNas 1100

I got two of these things the first one worked but the second one Ive tried holding in the reset button and powering it off and the other way around, power it off, hold the button in and power it back on. its not accepting the reset. Tried password_recovery that password doesnt work either lol user error somewhere

Need advice on Becoming a programmer

I’m 26 with a business degree and feel like should have a more specific technical skill. So I’ve been thinking about getting into programming for interactive media / apps for emerging tech. It’s been awhile since i’ve done any programming so I’m not sure if it would be worth my time to start learning now. Was thinking maybe start with some beginner books before jumping into any school program. What programming languages do you see as most valuable to learn for the future industry? Anyone have some advice?
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Android OS Development v.letslearntogether!

I’ve been working almost daily with android OS in my free time and have been learning a lot. I have a rudimentary game already complete (lacking polish but it functions with the bare requirements for it to be called a "game").

I was wondering if anyone here is also new to Android development or would like to start and we can use this thread to help each other out and post regularly about what we learn and do each day… If there’s no interest that’s cool too, I might make this a tutorial instead.
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This seems to be a fairly hot topic these days around here…

After years of learning and testing out different languages, I find myself now going back to C++ to work on a few projects I have bouncing around in my head… My question is this. What are the capabilities of C++ as far as online connectivity goes, meaning, It it directly able interface between 2 points on the internet? If so is there a 3rd party program or plug-in that would be involved?? Does it need to pass through a server to do so or will it connect ad hoc?
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USB Mass Storage Device keeps rebooting my computer v. Hooking up IPOD

First off I’m using ASUS P5PE-VM motherboard. I recently got an IPOD and every time I plug it into either the front or rear USB on my computer my computer restarts after 40 seconds. If I keep it plugged in on restart after 40 seconds it’ll restart again.

I looked in my BIOS and under USB Mass Storage Device it gives me one option and that is restart after plug in after 10, 20, 30, and 40 seconds.

I can’t figure out how to make it not reboot.

I just formatted. It still does it.
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